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What Our Clients Have To Say

I have continuously worked with you and your firm when it comes to recruitment solutions and two things have always surfaced.
First, Your partnership spirit and going beyond contractual obligations to build long lasting relationships with your clients; and this I must is a key success criterion.
Second; your eye for talent and adding that meaningful value. Throughout the years I have hired a lot of good talent that is currently active in our industry from MBR recruitment; and this could have not been possible without your great commitment and knowledge for our business and related industry.
I look forward to continuing our working relationship with MBR recruitment.

- Global Client Leader, Wunderman Thompson

As an agency, we look for recruitment partners that understand our business, and the culture so find us the right fit do the screening that only possible if they understand our business needs. Piyush and MBR do that magnificently as they not only understand the business very well. They are also well connected to find the talent that fits the agency culture and can answer the brief precisely. It has come from them being in the business for over 25+ years and working with almost all the agencies in town, which gives them a good insight into what candidate from which agency fits our agency culture the best and our client needs best.
They do the painstaking job of reviewing the CV's speaking to the shortlists, and sharing a few select candidates they feel fit the role entirely, saving us precious time and money. They aren’t scared to talk shop and be honest on the role and manage our expectations on what’s really possible.
The right recruitment partner is essential in saving us money, time, and opportunities with our clients, and MBR does a fantastic job of being a preferred choice of partner.

- CEO, Liquid Retail

For more than two years you have been instrumental in helping us find the right talent for our agency. The agility, high responsiveness and true sense of partnership has made you our preferred recruitment partner. Having such a partner on recruitment and placement during the formative years of our business in Dubai has been a key ingredient in our success.

- Managing Director, Mind Space

We have been using them successfully for many years and find them to be well-versed in knowing the caliber and type of staffing we need.
They do an excellent job and are always functional and offer the most competitive rates in town. Since we utilize their services, we find them to be very useful agency in locating and placing temporary employees as well as regular employees for our marketing, operations and administrative positions.
It is without any reservation that we wholeheartedly recommend them to meet your staffing needs. I urge you to give MBR Group Middle East your consideration.