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Account Director - Shopper Marketing

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Account Director - Shopper Marketing

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Account Director - Shopper Marketing

Develop and execute marketing programs to integrate shopper/customer needs to build sustainable and profitable brand demands. Leverage shopper behavior intelligence for brands, shoppers and retailers. Dedication to Customer Business Development Team with emphasis in retailer’s business model and core shoppers. Work with Brand and Customer Teams to extend brand strategy.


- 7 - 8 years of  experience with demonstrated business success - on agency side preferably. Requires combined skills of strategic thinking and planning. Experience of pragmatic implementation, along with development of strong working relationships at senior levels and ability to lead team with change management.
- Skills/Competencies: Results, strategy and vision orientation, leadership, strong oral and written communication, ethical judgment and decision making, change management, analytical, project and risk management and building relationships.
- Other Skills: Prioritization and time management, resources and team management, mentoring, cross-functional, active listening, adaptability, training and development, interpersonal and social perspectives. 

Build the Brands

  • Lead creation of customer specific shopper marketing programs, and ensure alignment with strategic brand objectives within the Integrated Marketing Planning process.
  • Ensure integration of shopper insights, category management and sales strategy to drive best in class channel/customer specific solutions within the holistic sales plan.
  • Establish strategic partnerships with  partners at a customer and channel specific level to help extend  brands and categories, and develop equity building solutions for the clients
  • Direct and lead teams to develop best in class shopper marketing programs that drive net sales, operating profit and market share of assigned business unit.
  • Strategically allocate funds and manage budget to maximize investment, while activating levers to drive customer engagement for clients
  • Help drive the cohesive integration of shopper marketing within business planning processes - including multi-year strategic planning with assigned customers, the annual operating planning process, strategic business plans etc.
  • Develop and monitor indispensable partnership relationships with key marketing and insights contacts.
  • Regularly communicate with Shopper Marketing Teams and Customer Teams to develop best practices and key performance metrics.


  • Ability to adapt and support the organization through times of change.
  • Ability to precisely and proficiently conduct business and data analyses with data driven recommendations for improvements and advancements.
  • Ability to clearly communicate orally and in writing to individuals and groups.
  • Ability to precisely communicate innovative business solutions to customers and team leaders/members.
  • Ability to operate and use of telephone, computer/laptop and other technological devices/software programs to communicate with people.
  • Ability to proficiently use and perform key functions of Microsoft Excel software program
  • Ability to create and deliver persuasive professional PowerPoint Sales presentations to communicate data driven insights recommendations for improvements and advancements.


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Full Time
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6 to 10
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Not required
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