Assistant Manager - Performance & Rewards

Job specification

No of vacancies
: 1
Job Type
: Full-time
: Minimum 5 years years
Job Code
: JB327
Expiry Date:
: June 30, 2018
Date of Joining (approx):
: December 31, 1969

Job summary

Functional area
: Banking and Finance
Job Role
: Performance & Reward role will be tasked with acquiring and processing relevant data across the organization to ensure that Reward processes (including salary review, bonus), performance management processes, and career management processes, operate in a timely and efficient manner, with minimal errors.
:United Arab Emirates

Job descriptions

    A key focus of this role, throughout the year, will be managing the operation of performance management, compensation plan and maintaining the career/ roles framework.

    You will also be conducting Reward research/data analysis, both internally and externally (including benchmark studies) and must be able to present the results clearly and creatively, to help HR and line managers reach acceptable, affordable and consistent pay and bonus decisions. 


    Main Responsibilities:

    A. Performance Management

    · Execute, review and improve performance management system (such as goal setting and performance feedback form, peer review)

    · Calculate and summarize bonus implication and market adjustment estimation based on data gathered from performance management system

    B. Compensation and Benefits Improvement:

    · Assist the team to develop, analyze, implement, and review effective reward structure to ensure competitiveness against market

    · Prepare and formulate job evaluations, job mapping and market competitiveness analysis and salary structure

    C. Career Management and Talent Mobility:

    · Assist the team to manage the implementation of career progression, rotation, and mobility 

    · Support the communication of career framework to the employees

    D. Talent and Reward Landscape Research and Analysis:

    · Interact with consultant or vendors in relation to compensation and benefit market data and rolling out effort

    · Proactively keep informed on the latest remuneration trend in e-commerce and technology industries.

    · Continuously look for ways to improve and develop new remuneration practice