Manager - Credit Risk

Job specification

No of vacancies
: 1
Job Type
: Full Time
: 6 - 10 years years
Job Code
: JB304
Expiry Date:
: May 30, 2018
Date of Joining (approx):
: April 15, 2018

Job summary

Functional area
: Banking and Finance
Job Role
: Risk evaluation of complex & larger ticket size proposals related to Corporate & Investment banking.
:United Arab Emirates

Job descriptions


    • Relevant business or any other relevant higher degree along with participation in specialist banking courses.
    • Sufficient technical/proposal training to undertake credit assignment.
    • 5 - 6 years of minimum work experience in related areas of Credit Risk and Policy Development.
    • Possess in-depth knowledge of the various dimensions of the market/industry. Able to apply this understanding in business analysis and planning.
    • Awareness of current credit and bank regulatory environment.


    Key Responsibilities:

    • Ensure credits are reviewed, recommended and approved in compliance with Bank's credit policies, product program parameters, DLA, STS, Industry Outlook, regulatory framework & Policies.
    • Approve Proposals within the discretionary limits for complex Investment, Syndication, FI credits covering areas of Credit & Market Risk.
    •  Analyze and assess all risks associated mainly with larger sized Corporate financing/investments/bank risks and make relevant recommendations (however, other related business proposals may be assessed on a cases to cases basis).
    • Ensure that elements of operational, market, legal, and compliance risk are incorporated into the review process - as applicable.
    • Review the credit proposals on a regular basis to assess its conformity with approved policies and norms as well as market trends.
    • Review that the general portfolio/accounts are performing in line with forecasted business utilization and profitability.
    • Review and suggest changes in the risk rating of a specified client. 
    • Maintain the active relationship with business stakeholders for extracting required information and also jointly visiting clients (as required).