Chief Risk Officer (UAE National only)

Job specification

No of vacancies
: 1
Job Type
: Full Time
: 11 - 15 years years
Job Code
: JB297
Expiry Date:
: May 30, 2018
Date of Joining (approx):
: April 30, 2018

Job summary

Functional area
: Banking and Finance
Job Role
: Assess risk throughout the organization
:United Arab Emirates

Job descriptions

    Job Description:
    • Create an integrated risk framework for the entire organization
    • Assess risk throughout the organization
    • Quantify risk limits
    • Develop plans to mitigate risks
    • Advise on directing capital to projects based on risk
    • Assist functional managers in obtaining risk mitigation funding
    • Monitor the progress of risk mitigation activities
    • Create and disseminate risk measurements and reports
    • Communicate to key stakeholders regarding the risk profile of the business