Motor Underwriter (Indian or Arab Nationality)

Job specification

No of vacancies
: 1
Job Type
: Full Time
: 1 to 2 years
Job Code
: JB
Expiry Date:
: August 31, 2017
Date of Joining (approx):
: September 15, 2017

Job summary

Functional area
: Insurance
Job Role
: Management of Motor Insurance
:United Arab Emirates

Job descriptions

    Job Description

    • Management of Motor Insurance
    • Handling Fleet and Individual Policies 
    • Maintaining high level of customer satisfaction through best service 
    • Handling new as well renewals of the various Insurance 
    • Updating/Reviewing policy details
    • Maintain old client and gain new clients through strategies planning as per the company’s vision
    • Customer Care.
    • Following and Preparing the Bedding Offer. 
    • Organizing and scheduling managerial duties. 
    • Incorporating all customer requirements to fulfill the tenders.
    • Responsible for handling customer inquiries.
    • Preparing official documents upon customer’s request.
    • Performing other administrative duties